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Miami: Pink Nautical Rope Bracelet with Shackle


Handmade with high-quality double-braided 3mm polyester cord, the ends are fashionably whipped with contrasting waxed thread, and a stainless steel shackle completes the look. This nautical sailor bracelet is perfect for boaters, surfers, beach goers or anyone that enjoys being in or around the water. The polyester is quick-drying and the stainless steel shackle won’t rust. Get it wet, get it sandy. The perfect accessory for the boat, the beach, or daily wear!

*SIZING GUIDELINES: Using a soft measuring tape, measure the actual length of your wrist or ankle, and add 1″ to that measurement. So if your wrist measures at 6″, you would order a 7″ bracelet. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact me.

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